Meds and Milkshakes

Thursday - 28 February 2013

I've never really been a morning person but since the major op, starting treatment and obviouly cancer, mornings are starting even later and I feel very Garfield-ish. "I would like mornings better if they started later, like after noon."

Talked mainly about TV shows with my counsellor today. Sounds like an odd topic but it also makes sense in the grand scheme of my confused and battling mind. We touched on my frustrations with dad, issues with mom and my general spiral towards acting out brought on by mirtazapine. Apparently I'm very clued in to my own mental and physical state. Not sure if that's entirely a good thing.

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Captive discussions

Wednesday - 27 February 2013

Battled to sleep last night - too hot, too sticky, too hot and bothered. Midnight texts with "hottie" didn't inspire much sleeping either. After I finally fell asleep, I slept through the siren test for Koeberg Power Station's emergency plan, which should have been loud enough to wake me.

The secretary of my shrink phoned to organise an appointment for me to see the stand-in shrink for a discussion of my meds. There were some crossed wires about weight and eating concerns. I juggled my counselling session earlier so I could go to the appointment and iron out the confusion of my meds.

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Where does the time go?

Monday - 25 February 2013

Wow! Already 2 months since Xmas, time seems to be flying as much as it also appears to be standing still. I lost another morning to sleep. I have no real idea why this is happening. It could have something to do with me only getting to bed around midnight but that has never really been an issue before. Just more adjusting to a new lifestyle, I guess.

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Chaotic Cuppa's

Sunday - 24 February 2013

I lost a lot of this week to sleep, mostly mornings as I seem to sleep better after 6am when I take my morning dose of treatment meds. This of course crashes with any morning plans, particularly when I need to get lifted around by my dad who is difficult to get moving as well.

Monday there was big drama trying to get my trial bloods done at my perferred Pathcare clinic. Lots of phone calls resulted in more chaos. Eventually we just drove through to Rondebosch Medical Center and had them done there.

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Feelings, felines and family

Sunday - 17 February 2013

During this week, there were some awesome moments when the meds are give me that "the world feels wonderful must keep touching it" feeling. They also put me in a very loving happy place, sending virtual hugs to everyone. Does someone switch them out when I'm having a bad day? ;-)

I suppose it was just the Universe trying to lift my spirits a bit as Thursday was Valentines day and as usual nothing romantic happened. This is normally what happens as I'm always single around this time of year and it really is a couple-type "holiday".

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Looking in Mirrors

Sunday - 10 February 2013

Random unrelated picture with a quote that just struck a cord with me recently.

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Bicycle! I want to ride it where I like!

Friday - 08 February 2013

The other highlight of my week was that I finally bought my bicycle! A Titan 26" Calypso Sport! YAY!! Cue singing:

"Bicycle! bicycle! bicycle!
I want to ride my bicycle! bicycle! bicycle!
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like" - Queen

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Tuesday - 5 February 2013

Tonight I went to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert at the Cape Town Stadium. I'd bought four decent stand tickets when they went on sale and had nearly forgtten about it until I heard it mentioned it on the radio, what with everything else going on. Last minute scrambling around I invited @AJVenter and DanielB from work, and @AJVenter's wife (and my dear friend) @madgurl69.

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Nearly stilnox'ed into tomorrow

Sunday - 3 February 2013

Well, the Stilnox worked. I would say like a dream but there was no dreaming and instead of the 8 hours uninterrupted sleep my shrink said this slow release version would give, I slept for over 12. I do remember taking my 06h00 treatment meds, my 08h00 other meds and getting up to feed the cat but beyond that, nothing. Even when I did wake, I was left with a fuzzy "skin and world feel so very touchable" feeling that lasted the rest of the day.

As expected no blogging took place, the website was not upgraded and nothing else productive happened either. Well, I lie. In bonding with my couch, I managed to add about 20 rows to the left front of the baby wrap I'm knitting so that must count towards a day not entirely wasted.

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What this post needs is #moarcats

Saturday - 2 February 2012

My sleeping patterns are borked, so badly borked. I slept 'til nearly noon, losing half my Saturday again. I had intended to go to the first Writer's Guild meeting of the year but woke up way too late for that. I also haven't been doing much writing beyond blogging anyway. I need to fix that but my priority is getting this blog up to date first. At least this is still writing and some days, the good days, I manage over 2000 words of blog posts too.

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