Night fever, here we go again!

Saturday - 10 January 2013
The fever broke and woke me up before my more morning treatment dose. I dozed until then before falling back to sleep properly. Thankfully! It doesn't happen often enough. Sitting on the couch typing up blog posts and facebooking, I turn my head too fast and the world spins and tilts. Woah! Cure for this "other worldly" feeling: chocolate mousse pudding and Castle on the couch.

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Fever recovery day

Wednesday - 9 January 2013

Today started better than yesterday. I woke without a fever and only tender joints but still felt very washed out after yesterday's fever.

Woo! That's odd. I'm sitting on the couch typing up blogs and then suddenly I'm all dizzy and space-out like I stood up too fast but I'm still seated. My fingers feel funny too, funny-good. Weird.

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Feverish family

Tuesday - 8 January 2013

I was still feverish this morning, perhaps even worse so as I'm also nauseus too. When mom came in I was huddled on the couch, fully bundled up but actually sweating too. She panicked and hauled me down to GVI Oncology to see the trial doc. I felt too steamrolled to protest much.

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Sun soakin bulges in the shade

Monday - 7 January 2013

I woke up with this tune running in my head this morning: "Peaches come in a can / They were put there by a man." Earworm of note and had me humming the whole day.

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Talk to me! I do still care.

Sunday - 6 January 2013

I posted this on Facebook today: Your big problems may seem trivial compared to mine but I do still care and want to support you through them. Talk to me!

One cousin responded: "Sjoe takes one awesome person to be able to do this and yes you are one amazing person." Other friends responded with similar statements of bravery, courage, and such like. No one though came forward with the issues I know they are dealing with and would normally talk to me about.

Therein lies the rub.

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Freedom from pain and a visit

Saturday - 5 January 2013

Wrist is still seriously sore but mom is busy with Stacey who's having issues with her eldest. He doesn't really know what he wants to do with his life, wants to take a year off, maybe work, maybe not. He barely passed 1st year last year and it was only a BA. He fancies himself to be a writer or a journo but he doesn't write anything, not a blog or even letters to the local paper. How can you be writer if you don't write?

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Grinding pain

Friday - 4 January 2013

I woke up with a sore wrist. I think I slept on it or something. My left wrist is so sore I can't turn my hand over - palm up to palm down. It feels like something is grinding in there too. Inflamed joints really suck, especially when I was hoping to blog like a demon today. The end of the backlog is beginning to feel an awful lot like the horizon - an imaginary line that recedes as you approach it.

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Writing and ranting

Thursday - 3 January 2013

Blogging and Facebooking - that's all I managed today. Not too badly though as I did manage to put up 3 blog posts and sort out the planning and timelines for 10 more. It is doing the "research" for the blog planning where I get side-tracked into time-sinks like Facebook. The "oh look a squirrel"-foo is strong with me, a little too strong these days.

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Shopping and mocktails

Wednesday - 2 January 2013

This morning mom took me shopping for more UV protective clothing. I need more than just 1 shirt and a set of sleeves. We headed to Canal Walk and bought 2 more shirts from the Cape Union Mart Pod before heading inside. The Cape Union Mart staff inside the mall have almost no idea about what stock they have or what the stock can do. I managed to buy 2 shirts there but have eneded up with a duplicate of the oversized shirt I already had. We headed on to Due South who stock both the K-Way and Columbia brands, where Cape Union Mart only stock K-Way. I bought 1 white shirt there but it's so thin, I'll have to wear something underneath it.

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Quiet but productive start

Tuesday - 1 January 2013

Despite the achy effects of too little sleep, I decided to continue with my plan for today: emptying my wardrobe of clothes simply being stored and not actually worn. I have t-shirts I will never wear, pants that are too small and even items that still have price tags on them. Time for all that cruft to be re-homed elsewhere. Into my friends wardrobes it would seem as they happily went through what I was tossing and taking what they wanted of what fitted.

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